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Psychograph, 1854

“Psychograph, or Apparatus for Indicating Person’s Thoughts by the Agency of Nervous Electricty”

Adolphus Theodore Wagner

London AD 1854 No. 173

January 23, 1854

Little Wonder Planchette

“Little Wonder” Planchette

Ralph S. Jennings

Patent #3135

July 28, 1868

Device for Amusement and Instruction

“Device for Amusement and Instruction”

Frederick Becker

Patent #233,198

October 12, 1880

Toy Fortune-Telling Device

“Toy Fortune-Telling Device”

Alexander T. Ballatine

Patent #432,813

July 22, 1890

Toy or Game

“Toy or Game”

Elijah J. Bond

Patent #446,054

February 10, 1891

Talking Board

“Talking Board”

Charles W. Kennard

Patent #462,819

November 10, 1891

Apparatus for Indicating Telepathic Messages

“Apparatus for Indicating Telepathic Messages”

Colin Edmund Campbell

Patent #546,299

September 17, 1895

Game Apparatus

“Game Apparatus”

William Fuld


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