Psychograph, 1854

“Psychograph, or Apparatus for Indicating Person’s Thoughts by the Agency of Nervous Electricty”

Adolphus Theodore Wagner

London AD 1854 No. 173

January 23, 1854

Little Wonder Planchette

“Little Wonder” Planchette

Ralph S. Jennings

Patent #3135

July 28, 1868

Device for Amusement and Instruction

“Device for Amusement and Instruction”

Frederick Becker

Patent #233,198

October 12, 1880

Toy Fortune-Telling Device

“Toy Fortune-Telling Device”

Alexander T. Ballatine

Patent #432,813

July 22, 1890

Toy or Game

“Toy or Game”

Elijah J. Bond

Patent #446,054

February 10, 1891

Talking Board

“Talking Board”

Charles W. Kennard

Patent #462,819

November 10, 1891

Apparatus for Indicating Telepathic Messages

“Apparatus for Indicating Telepathic Messages”

Colin Edmund Campbell

Patent #546,299

September 17, 1895

Game Apparatus

“Game Apparatus”

William Fuld

Patent #479,266

July 19, 1892

Talking Board Instrument

“Talking Board Instrument”

Justin F. Simonds

Patent #619,236

February 7, 1899

Dial Planchette

“Dial Planchette”

Henry C. Hachmuth

Patent #641,507

January 16, 1900

Frame for Indicators

“Frame for Indicators”

George Foster Pearson

Patent #32,739

May 29, 1900

Game Apparatus

“Game Apparatus”

Theodore H. White

Patent #661,781

November 13, 1900

Talking Board

“Talking Board”

Jeremiah B. Randall

Patent #785,916

March 28, 1905

Planchette Game Apparatus

“Planchette Game Apparatus”

David Blaikley

Patent #969,935

September 13, 1910

Planchette Device

“Planchette Device”

Henry F. Fontanella

Patent #1,091,206

March 24, 1914



Stephen N. Green

Patent #1,264,637

April 30, 1918

Answering Board

“Answering Board”

Daniel Sullivan

Patent #1,277,152

August 27, 1918

Game Device

“Game Device”

Albert E. Downe

Patent #1,280,424

October 1, 1918

Planchette Device

“Movable Member of a Talking Board”

William Fuld

Design Patent #56,001

August 10, 1920

Spirit Message Conveying Device

“Spirit Message Conveying Device”

George Foster Pearson

Patent #1,322,727

November 25, 1919

Finger Rest and Pointer for Game

“Finger Rest and Pointer for Game”

John Vanderkamp

Design Patent #56,085

August 10, 1920

Message Interpreting Device

“Message Interpreting Device”

Frederick H. Black

Patent #1,352,046

September 7, 1920

Movable Member of a Talking Board

“Movable Member of a Talking Board”

William Fuld

Design Patent #56,658

November 23, 1920


“Nathan E. Goldberg Planchette”

Nathan E. Goldberg

Patent #1,366,174

January 18, 1921



Conrad E. Gidlof

Patent #1,378,854

May 24, 1921

Ouija Board

“Ouija Board”

Harry M. Bigelow

Patent #1,400,791

December 20, 1921

Amusement Device

“Amusement Device”

George C. Weiss

Design Patent #1,406,431

February 14, 1922

Spirit Wheel

“Spirit Wheel”

William H. Swallow

Patent #1,418,686

June 6, 1922

Spiritualistic Communication Apparatus

“Spiritualistic Communication Apparatus”

Sunker Abaji Bisey

Patent #1,420,956

June 27, 1922

Game Board

“Game Board”

John R. Donnelly

Patent #1,422,042

July 4, 1922

Stylus Guide for Psychic Games

“Stylus Guide for Psychic Games”

Frank C. Jenness

Patent #1,452,741

April 24, 1923

Psychic Instrument

“Psychic Instrument”

Grover C. Haffner

Patent #1,476,158

December 4, 1923

Astrological Chart and Indicating Device

“Astrological Chart and Indicating Device”

Karl Manahan

Patent #1,587,018

June 1, 1926

Mediumistic Board

“Mediumistic Board”

Cutberto Hildago & Jose Lopez Zuazua

Design Patent #70,170

August 25, 1924

John D. Zieley

“John D. Zieley Game”

John D. Zieley

Patent #1,809, 098

January 10, 1929

Amusement Device

“Amusement Device”

Hilda C. Enge

Patent #1,846,481

September 15, 1930

Amusement Device

“Amusement Device”

William A. Fuld

Patent #1,870,677

August 9, 1932

Amusement Device

“Amusement Device”

John R. Donnelly

Patent #2,220,455

November 5, 1940

Stylus Guide for Psychic Games

“Stylus Guide for Psychic Games”

John Albert Cheape

Patent #2,359,355

October 3, 1944



Joseph W. Sloper

Patent #2,381,933

August 14, 1945

Finger Pressure Actuated Message Interpreting Amusement Device

“Finger Pressure Actuated Message Interpreting Amusement Device”

Raymond S. Richmond

Patent #2,511,377

June 13, 1950

Writing Game Planchette

“Writing Game Planchette”

John J. Batcha

Patent #2,593,244

April 15, 1952

Message Device with Freely Swingable Pointe

“Message Device with Freely Swingable Pointe”

Thomas W. Gillespie

Patent #3,306,617

January 27, 1964

Message Revealing Device

“Message Revealing Device”

Paul R. Foght, Jr.

Patent #3,307,849

March 7, 1967

Spinner Game Device

“Spinner Game Device”

Hans-Ulrich K.W. Pannwitz

Patent #3,441,281

April 29, 1969

Psychograph with Sound-Producing Members

“Psychograph with Sound-Producing Members”

Edward D. O’Brian

Patent #4,371,167

February 1, 1983

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